TDS HelpDesk subscription terms

TDS HelpDesk is a phone support package developed by Team Data Solutions A/S to help PC users who use Microsoft Office software, and graphics programs, in their daily work. The PC users covered are the employees of the public or private business entity that has subscribed to TDS HelpDesk.  The subscription agreement includes the terms of the support provision by Team Data Solutions A/S.

  • Subscription agreement

The subscription agreement is written to match your needs. One signed copy is kept by the subscribing company, and one by Team Data Solutions A/S. The standard terms included in all agreements are described below.

  • Program coverage

Telephone support covers all questions relating to the programs and operating systems listed in the subscription agreement, from basic functionality queries to dealing with complex error messages.

  • Immediate help - unlimited number of calls

Phone calls from the subscriber's PC users (eligible callers) are answered immediately by a real person who is able to help straight away. There is no limit on the number, or length, of calls made.

  • Support availability - opening hours

Telephone support is open Monday to Thursday from 08:00 - 16:00 and Friday from 08:00 - 15:00.

  • Online support request form

Eligible callers can also use the online support request form at  These queries will be answered electronically, and given equal priority with telephone queries during opening hours - all queries will be answered in the order that they are received. The support request form can also be used out of hours, and queries will be answered as soon as support reopens.

  • TDS remote support

With specific agreement from the user, TDS can also provide remote support to take over the user's PC in order to be able to see or solve a current problem. The PC user will be asked to complete a form and specify whether the connection should be view-only or full control, before the TDS consultant can create the remote support connection. The user must then accept the connection and the associated terms of support.

TDS cannot be held liable for loss of data or for any other incidents occurring during or after use of TDS remote support.

  • Eligible callers - user list

At the commencement of the subscription agreement, the subscriber must provide a list detailing the eligible PC users (name, department, phone number and email), which forms the basis for call logging and customer identification. Every person named on this list counts as an eligible caller, and will be sent a welcome message and introductory information from TDS HelpDesk.

Changes and additions to the PC user list can be made by contacting TDS via email or phone. It is the subscriber's responsibility to inform TDS of alterations to the subscription agreement i.e. name changes, and the number of eligible callers.

  • Log reports

Comprehensive log reports showing PC user identification, time of call, call query, and resolution, can (for a fee) be included in the subscription agreement. These reports are then provided in PDF format.

  • Termination

A subscription agreement can be terminated by either party at any time after the pre-paid period + 6 months. Similarly alterations to the agreement can take place with mutual agreement.

  • Invoicing

The subscription is invoiced quarterly in advance.  If a subscription agreement is formed part way through a quarter, then the first invoice will cover the remainder of the current quarter, plus the next quarter. TDS retains the right to withhold support in case of missing payment.

  • Index regulation and pricing changes

The subscription price is index regulated during the first quarter each calendar year. TDS reserves the right to alter the price in connection with the expansion of program/support coverage, and/or with an increase in the number of eligible callers.

  • Subscription to TDS news and information

To ensure that the subscriber's eligible callers receive the best possible service, the subscriber accepts that TDS may email PC users directly with practical information about accessing support.  This information will be specific to the subscription agreement, and may include opening hours, TDS' contact details, and any changes or additions to the support coverage etc. Individual PC users will always be given the option to opt out from this service.

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